Check the links if you'd like to learn more about the brain health and cognitive benefits of IF. I'm skeptical of studies that advocate eating first thing in the morning, because those are often funded by food companies — and for most of human history we couldn't eat first thing after waking.

With IF, there is nothing to sell, it's just a natural eating pattern, how we evolved. But if you're hungry when you wake up and enjoy eating at that time, keep doing it.

I've met many people who have benefited from IF, even those with sedentary jobs who don't exercise. But of course I always recommend working out and eating healthy.

The best benefits — from what I've seen in others and what I do myself — is IF combined with morning workouts. So, working out fasted, then eating "break/fast" right after. Try that if you want.

It's creating a new schedule and habits that take some getting used to, but when you do, it's pretty great.



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