Greetings, Mr. Nord. There are many reasons why people thousands of years ago had shorter life expectancies — not eating first thing in the morning was not one of them. I’m glad to live in a time where I don’t have to fight in gladiator matches or get eaten by lions.

There are some links in my article that will lead you to information about the science of intermittent fasting, and much more you can find online. There are several ways one can put their body in a fasted state intermittently — one meal per day is only one of them. I prefer the 8-hour method, which also seems to be the most popular because it’s the easiest for most people. While my most fit of friends do some form of I.F. every day, it doesn’t have to be… I probably only do it three days per week, which is about as often as I workout. (Work smarter not harder.)

Like eating your morning oats, it’s about personal preference. If you enjoy eating first thing in the morning, keep doing it, but don’t feel like you have to (like corporate marketing has led people to believe).

In good health,
- Adam



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