I'm sorry you didn't like my article, there was only so much I could fit into a 3-minute blog... If you're interested in reading into the science of IF, you've got to explore the links I provided, and sometimes that means clicking links within other pages or reading books. Like I said in the article, I encourage people to look into things themselves.

I have no conflicts of interest. With IF, there is no product to sell, I'm not the multibillion-dollar food industry trying to get people to believe they have to eat “Breakfast™” every morning or else suffer the consequences of poor health (which just isn’t true).

You don't have to do what works for me, do what works for you. I encourage people to just workout, eat healthy, listen to their body, and do what works for them — and sometimes that means learning/trying new things to figure out what that means for you. Take care.



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