Think Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss.

Adam Lonergan
1 min readJun 25, 2019

By Adam Lonergan, CPT |

Above: Two women, same height and weight, both “overweight” (according to BMI).

It’s normal for people to lose fat and stay the same weight or gain a few pounds. The number on the scale doesn’t matter since it doesn’t show your body composition. This is where people trying to lose “weight” tend to get discouraged and give up after a few weeks. Focus on your body fat percentage, not your weight or BMI.

Strength training is crucial for healthy fat loss. Building muscle increases your metabolism making you burn more fat, even when you’re not working out. Cardio alone is counterproductive — too much cardio can burn muscle as well as fat, slowing your metabolism, making your body store more fat.

So if you want to slim down, don’t just run, lift weights!

“But I don’t wanna get bulky!” is usually what I hear now… Stop it… You won’t… No one has ever built large amounts of muscle mass by accident. That requires a deliberate training approach, high testosterone, heavy weights, eating like a horse, and a long time.

— Adam Lonergan, CPT

Originally published on, April 2019.